” These walls are funny. First you hate ’em, then you get used to ’em. Enough time passes, you get so you depend on them. That’s institutionalized.  “

Red, Shawshank Redemption.

Lucky enough, i managed to complete my study in one of the most prestigious institution in Indonesia. After four years of study, including a lot of exams, organization activities, and campus talks : finally i feel really grateful and must admit how much i love that place.

Living in an intelligent and savvy environment, while  also nurtured by my parents nearby, really gives me an exceptional four year. Generation chief of an student unit, committee division chief, writer of a magazine, director of a mini market, and a lot another mesmerizing and disheartening experience that i through in last four are really unforgetable.

However, i feel that this institution have became a sort of institution that makes me become something else : an institutionalized man. In this case, a person who came from my institution, typically will pursue a career as multinational company employee (sorry i don’t include any data about this. this is merely based on my own observation and talks in my campus, but you can google : those facts are real 🙂 ).

Becoming an employee itself is not bad, they have facilities, a lot of learning experience, and of course salary 🙂 .  But, as one of the most prestigious institution with a lot of history and influence in last few decades, i think we have to expect something more. I personally think that ‘the institution’ have to be a symbol that will shake its student to look at the problems neighboring them.

Furthermore, i believe that we cannot solve a lot problems around us by becoming an multinational company’s employee. Okay, maybe we can solve our own & families problems,  but i am certain that we cannot give huge impact to society while working as employee in a corporation.

In a simple word i can say that my institution way of educating its student is like this

student -> institution -> fresh graduate ready for industry.

I am convinced that this way of education is not the way of education of my institution in mid-70’s-80’s. Back then, failed in a subject is quite common, and students take more time to explore themselves in the institution : creating a start-up corporation, active in a party, or even actively doing science research. So, after those student graduated from so-called institution, some of them already know what they will pursue in life.

Right now, there’s too much pressure to complete education. We have to complete study in six year. Those rules really squeeze a lot of students extracurricular activities. As a result, students tend to avoid an extra activities, means they will pass the opportunity to hone their communication, organization, and people skills. While in the other hand, not all students have the people skills necessary when they started their study in university. It is the institution’s task to enhance their skills, both in our outside of the class.

In the other hand, this institution managed to produce a lot of amazing person, they are world/local champions in business plan competition, robot competition, etc. That proves that even a decent person can sparks in an indecent environment.

Obviously, this institution need to improve from an indecent institution to an institution that escalates an ordinary person to a impact creator. The rector have a very-very heavy task. The institution must be the home of society that, in that place, boost its student capability like what was written on plaza widya nusantara.

This place was named “Plaza Widya Nusantara” ,

so that this campus will be a place where people gain knowledge, learn about science, art and technology.

so that this campus will be a place to ask, and there should be answered.

so that its campus life is to build character and personality.

so that its alumni not only be the pioneer of development, but also the pioneer of national unity.

Bandung, December 28th 1996

Prof. Wiranto Arismunandar