i believe that god exist and eternal, of kind of creator and almighty. i never in doubt of him, i always love his blessing, i never twist my believe on him, even when he jeopardize my life.

i always believe that he will always be here, to make my wish come true.
i never think desperation because of him, because with a single prayer, we can slay those desperation, and uprise through to regain optimism.

i also believe that it will always impossible to reason his presence in which he take away our tribulation. when we just contemplate his kindness that we cannot reach, it even makes us accept him as the true one.

our limitation in knowing him, somehow become our only source of faith, and we just have to express gratitude in order to feel the true happiness.

because of that, i will always pray to god, and believe that i already regain his grace, eventhough i haven’t realize whether i already got his reward.

humanity is all about freedom. thus, our freedom, is our start to think about him.