In past six months, i learned a lot of things from hme-itb football team, especially about do and don’ts in football. In brief, here’s some of knowledge and wisdom i get through months of training :

  • just do your best in training, don’t give a damn into something else. Do not whine about the training menu that you perform, just do your best, and you’r ability will improve. discipline, focus, and hard work is the key.
  • statistically, team who runs more, passes more, and possess more in a football match win a match.
  • i you don’t want to play, then don’t play a game
  • just focus on our own team, do everything for your team and the game. Do not think about anything else, like supporters, psy war, or someone’s saying
  • you win as a team, and lose as an individual
  • if you’re not exhausted after playing a game, then you’re simply not played good enough
  • if you have an intention to confront with opposition’s player, then your game will be deteriorated

I believe those kind of things are plain and simple, but hard to implement if you don’t have any experience. Those moments in football team, remind me that i still have a long way to go in my life, and i believe those simple thing that i learned from sport can carry on to another aspect of my life : just like what sport is meant to be, to create a healthy body and mind.