Customer Relationship Management strategy : ABC XY Bank
Answer for Question no.3

By Lestian Atmopawiro
School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

Bandung Institute of Technology2011

In order to mantain and expand a strong customer base, ABC XY Bank need to define a wide range ofstrategy to enhance interaction between customers or client with ABC XY Bank. In order to achieve agood Customer Relationship Management, the team asked to do few action :

  • Evaluate current service operations
  • Segment and analyze the customer base
  • Devise a customer contact blueprint that balances the cost of service with the current andpotential value of customer relationships

Those action are needed to accomodate different customers’ economic value to the bank, and alsocustomer’s different action to new bank offerings and communications strategy. We have to takenote that about of 70% of Customer Relationship Management projects result losses, or no changein company performance (Gartner, 2003). So, in delivering those action, we need to define keyproblems thorough, or all the merger process that we have established will become ineffectual.

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