There is a huge amount of secrets and questions in our live, that turn out to be unanswered problems passed to our generation. I think, most of those mystery, especially spritual one will remain be mystery for the rest of our lives. The fact that many generations before us failed to explain about life and death riddle by contemplating, corroborate my opinion.

So, since we’ll only understand about those “spiritual thing” after we passed on to next life, We’ll only have three choice in spiritual context.

First choice is to believe what we believe (ex. spiritual believe, religion, etc.).

Secondly, we just think about life-death riddle continuosly to find an answer, although many people before our generation failed to find an answer.

Or, we pick the third choice. The choice, which most people in the world pick : Just live the life as it is, by having fun or activity without thinking any of it’s purpose or consequences.