Look, i’m heading towards the end of my teenage era, and i’m just happen to realize that something great today come from a germ of idea in the past.

Remember that the Sixties happened in the early Seventies, right, so you have to remember that and that’s sort of when I came of age. So I saw a lot of this and to me the spark of that was that there was something beyond sort of what you see every day. It’s the same thing that causes people to want to be poets instead of bankers. And I think that’s a wonderful thing. And I think that that same spirit can be put into products, and those products can be manufactured and given to people and they can sense that spirit.

Steve Jobs

Every great things around us today (PC, gadget, etc.) come from kids of 60’s, which happen to invented those electronic thing at late 70’s, and those thing that those person invented turned out to become dominant and very popular 30 years later : today.

You know, if we remember that fact, when those inventor was a kid (in 60’s), many people see computer as big machine which function is just to calculate mathematical equation or do repetitive task. But, these kids saw computer as something else. They saw computer as spark that could lit flame in their heart, and those thing just happen to happened to them : and not the other ordinary kids.

By that sense of seeing computer as something else, they could create something different. They could made a smaller computer, ‘smarter’ computer, and also computer which ‘personal’. Those thing made a huge revolution, and affect our live today.

There’s one thing nagging me about that fact. There’s a moment when they sparkled, amazed, and fell in love with computer, when another kid doesn’t even take too much attention. My question is : what separated them? why there are people who could fall in love to something, when another people doesn’t care a thing about it?

Does god create us with different thing about things that we love? and we must search and also pursue it? how could we know that things that we do is thing that we love? Or, these passion and loved only shared to those people who ‘lucky’?

so many question, and i could’nt answer even one of it.