Well, several days ago i have a following message :

Dear All,

Tgl 2 Oktober 2009 nanti,

UNESCO mengukuhkan BATIK Indonesia sebagai Warisan Budaya Dunia. Jika Anda merasa sebagai bangsa Indonesia, mari kita pakai baju batik pada tgl 2 Oktober 2009.

i haven’t decided yet whether i will use batik or not. But, anyway, there’s one point that bothering me from this ‘batik thing’. Why have to wait this long to claim our heritage? We have to wait another country to ‘claim’ batik, before ourselves could understand and appreciate that we have a special culture product like batik.

Haha, thanks to neighbour country Malaysia for reminding us that we have a very huge number of heritages. It’s our mistake in the past that we don’t appreciate our own culture : we are too much welcoming another foreign culture and forgot about how gorgeus our culture are.

Well, that’s the past. After these ‘claiming thing’, what’s important now is that we have to realize that there’s still a lot more upcoming heritage from indonesia that are waiting to be unveiled! (hope so)