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fitur baru :

23 January 2008 – version 2.6a
(faster 3d rendering, backup detect, rtc-irq, better texture interpolation,)
(perfectly accurate edge-marking, translucent-poly-id, shadow-poly support,)
(capture in vram display mode, debug gui/warnings, cpu/ipc/div/sqrt details)
– free-download: old no$gba v2.6 gaming version now free for everybody – enjoy
– debug/symbols: resize function for Alt+L symbol list window (saved in .ini)
– debug/internal: changed computer_id handling for compatibility with win vista
– nds/debug: allows nintendo to mis-use clipmtx_result for detecting their emu
– nds/debug: allows to override mis-declared-thumb-functions by crude $t labels
– nds/rtc: triggers IRQ when SI changes HI-to-LO (only when SI-IRQ is enabled)
– hll-version: demangles strange new “_ZN3txt3txtEii” and “_Z3txtii” type labels
– nds/gba/rcnt: allows to generate SI interrupts manually by toggling RCNT bits
– nds/gba/rcnt: internally memorizes rcnt-output bits (additionally to inputs)
– nds/rtc: passes rtc 1Hz/2Hz/4Hz/8Hz/16Hz or per-minute IRQ to rcnt SI input
– nds/3d: soft-speedup: uses clean 80286 shift opcodes (instead slow 80386 shrd)
– nds/3d: soft-speedup: new scaled side_clip_x allowed to re-remove pre_add_mask
– nds/3d: soft-speedup: scaled side_clip_x coords from 0..len to 0..7FFFFFFFh
– nds/3d: soft-accuracy: texture/color interpolation with variable pre_add_mask
– nds/details: emulates all newly discovered ipcfifo/div/sqrt technical details
– nds/help: added tech specs on div/sqrt (readonly results, start/stop timings)
– nds/help: added tech specs on ipcfifo (edge triggered, underrun, fifo-disable)
– nds/help: added user settings 076h (language mask) and header 01Dh (ique flag)
– nds/3d: soft-detail: edge-mark: recurses surrounding depth values (less only)
– nds/3d/help: added more technical notes on edge marking (depth and polygon_id)
– nds/a22i: auto generates chinese crc upon .fix directive (only if version=2)
– nds/help: added info on chinese title in icon/title region (addr/version/crc)
– cpu/internal: reduced 32bit test/and to 8bit (al/bl/cl/dl instead eax/ebx/etc)
– cpu/detail: emulates mis-aligned thumb bx/blx and arm bx/blx (with warning)
– cpu/detail: emulates mis-aligned rd=r15 in arm alu opcodes (thanks jonathan)
– nds/3d/help: added double-blended-edge-glitch (edge-marking plus anti-alias)
– nds/3d/help: added translucent-edge-glitch (edge-marking plus anti-aliasing)
– nds/backup: supports re-detection (games with faulty initial initialization)
– nds/backup: added bus-width auto detection (redirecting to new general types)
– nds/backup: added new types (3x general types) (and 1x sanyo, thanks flubba)
– nds/3d: soft-detail: edge-mark: handles edges at screen border (via clear_id)
– nds/3d: soft-detail: edge-mark: applies edges in respect to surrounding pixels
– nds/3d: soft-detail: edge-mark: internally stores edge_flag for possible edges
– nds/debug: allows some games to initialize not-existing port 4001004h to zero
– nds/debug: allows nintendo to use faulty ldmib with base-inclusion-writeback
– nds/debug: allows nintendo to use invalid stmib/ldmib user bank writeback
– nds/debug: allows nintendo to write more serious nonsense to (R) baseband regs
– nds/timings: re-fixed arm7/arm9 sync (new arm9-66MHz timings vs arm7-33MHz)
– nds/video: supports capture from 2d/3d engine in vram display mode (nanostray)
– nds/help: added note on undoc nds7 port 4001080h (used by ds-lite firmware)
– nds/help: added optical mouse sensor (slider controller) (thanx daniel palmer)
– nds/help: added firmware wifi internet access point settings info (thanks cue)
– nds/help: added user settings 066h (year) and 075h (ext language) (thanks cue)
– screenshot: converts 32bpp images to 24bpp (smaller and more standard files)
– nds/3d: soft-detail: prevents rendering of translucent polys with same poly_id
– nds/3d: soft-detail: supports shadow polygons (mask/render, step 1 and step 2)
– nds/3d: soft-speedup: scaled perspective correct clp.x from 0..len to 0..7FFFh
– nds/3d: soft-speedup: mmx: faster texcoord_clipping (no_repeat,repeat,flipped)
– nds/3d: soft-speedup: pre-calc tex_clip proc, collapsed 32:32 tex_xy to 16:16
– nds/3d: soft-speedup: pre-ex